Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The New York Times' Fascinating Definition of "Open-Mindedness"

From a piece in the NYT today on Peter Thiel, Trump, and Silicon Valley (emphasis mine):
A bigger problem than Mr. Trump’s policy ideas was his tone. Though Silicon Valley has well-known problems with diversity in its work force, people here pride themselves on a kind of militant open-mindedness. It is the kind of place that will severely punish any deviations from accepted schools of thought — see how Brendan Eich, the former chief executive of Mozilla, was run out of his job after it became public that he had donated to a campaign opposed to gay marriage. Mr. Trump’s comments about immigrants, women and so many other groups have made him a kind of kryptonite in Silicon Valley.
As a friend observes, nothing says "open-mindedness" like "severely punish[ing] any deviations from accepted schools of thought." We're moving quite fast from in loco parentis to, well, something else.

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